What key elements need to be included in a successful Pinterest advertisement that generates sales?

Yassine El Yousfi
Yassine El Yousfi

First How Pinterest Ads Work

Pinterest is a social media platform that is like a web-based Pinboard or bulletin board that allows you to organize individual pieces of content, called Pins into specific buckets, called boards. Pins are images that link to blogs, products, or websites. Boards are the way to categorize Pins and typically have a similar theme.

The Pinterest ad platform works by allowing you to select a Pin, choose a target audience and a budget, and then promote that Pin by paying for additional Pinterest users to see it. Pinterest ads run on an auction system, called a pay-per-click (PPC) platform. To run ads, you’ll place a “bid” that indicates the maximum amount you are willing to pay to have your ad shown to your chosen target audience. You can put your ads directly in front of your target audience at a time when they are likely to pay close attention, engage with your ad and become a customer.

Pinterest has two different places that ads can be seen. The first is in the homepage feed, which is seen by users who are browsing on Pinterest. The second is in search results on Pinterest, if the words used in a user’s search match keywords within the ad.

Since 93 percent of Pinterest users use Pinterest to plan future purchases — of both products and services — it drives an incredibly high return on investment. In fact, for every $1 advertisers spend on Pinterest, they receive, on average, $2 in profit.

Therefor The key elements that need to be included in a successful Pinterest advertisement that generates sales are:

A Good headline.

A good headline should be eye-catching and clickable. You can achieve this by either answering a specific question or offering to provide a solution to a problem that you know your customer is experiencing

It has to include emotional value words as well. Adding emotion to headlines will make them more persuasive. For example, “Name Badges for Business” or “Amazing Name Badges, Quick and Easy”.

A Good Image.

Pinterest is all about the images. The better the image (or pin) the better chance you have of it being clicked on.

A good image usually shows the product being used but in Pinterest the images usually have people using the product in a lifestyle situation.

For a great example of this go to the Nike Pinterest profile and see how they shoot their products in all sorts of unusual and interesting ways.

A Pin image should be crystal clear, be relevant to the product that is being offered – or it has to be pretty and eye-catching if its a service you are selling.

Put your logo on the image itself and also put your website in text onto the image somewhere too. This helps to keep reinforcing your brand so that it gets noticed by potential customers.

NB; You can use canva.com to design and create your image

A good description.

The pin description is a great way to entice your customers to click. It is also a great way of getting your pin found.

Pinterest is a search engine rather than a social media platform. People find things on Pinterest in the same way they do on Google, through keywords.

Your pin description is a great place to include the keywords you want to get ranked for. You can also add some hashtags to your description for those keywords you can’t easily put into your text.

A good link.

For people to buy your product it must be easy for them to find. The link that you add to your pin should take your customer to the exact place on your website where they can make the purchase. It’s no good sending them to a home page and expecting them to go searching for the product because they won’t.

You need to send your customer to where they can click the buy now button and see the product you are selling so that they know they’re in the right place. Every click they have to make is an opportunity for them to bounce off your site.

For some good examples, have a look at other pins selling the same product or service as you. Which ones would you click on and what makes you want to click on them and not others.

Like everything else, practice makes perfect. Keep trying different things until you figure out what works. Once you have a winning pin you might want to promote it to get to more potential customers.

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